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Touristik & Caravaning Leipzig 16. - 20.11.2016
Reisemarkt Rhein-Neckar-Pfalz - Mannheim 06. - 08.01.2017
Ferienmesse Wien 12. - 15.01.2017
CMT Stuttgart 14. - 22.01.2017
Fespo Zürich 26. - 29.01.2017
Reisen Hamburg  08. - 12.02.2017 München 22. - 26.02.2017
ITB Berlin
08. - 12.03.2017


Latin Amerika Events on the  ITB Berlin:

Latin Amerika-Forum ITB-Convention 2016: 

Is Latin America Safe?
Safety has become a very important decision-making factor for travelers. Who decides what’s safe, how is safety perceived and what is the right way to deal with advice from the German Foreign Office? In view of the tense security situations in many countries and regions, this raises the question as to how much Latin America benefits from its politically stable and neutral position in conjunction with the latest  terror attacks and whether it is perceived to be a safe travel destination.

Panel guests:  
•    Jewgeni Patrouchev, Acting Director, Senior Tourism Counsellor Central- and Eastern-Europe, ProColombia
•    Dr. Rüdiger Lotz, Federal Foreign Office, Head of Division Mexico, Central America and Caribbean   
•    Klaus Hildebrandt,  Editor-in-Chief, fvw Mediengruppe
•    Peter Strub, Chief Operating Officer, Studiosus Reisen München GmbH


Andreas M. Gross, President ARGE Lateinamerika e.V.

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